Norma M20F TFT

Builder/Generation: Norma M20 F, year 2007

Race Numbers: 69

Ownership: VERACING; T.F.T. Sarl; Vincent Sarlin/Laurent Landron; Vincent Sarlin

Drivers: 2007 to 2009 - J&P Vidal; 2010 - Vincent Capillaire; From 2010 to 2015 - Vincent Sarlin Laurent Landron

Race history: from 2007 to 2010, VdeV Europe Endurance Championship groupe CN; 2011 Europa Club Championhip winning

Picture : Club Europa race to Magny Cours in april 2011, finished 3rd


Chassis : number 029

Engine : Honda 2 litres (1998 CI), 253 CV DIN

Weight: 585 kg 

Picture of the Norma M20F to Jarama, VdeV Endurance Championship 2010, raced by Vincent Capillaire 


The car was raced in 2011 by Vincent Sarlin and Laurent Landron in a 8 races-championship organised by Jurgen Breicht - Europa Club.

The car was maintained ready for race by JPS Racing, gratefull to Jean-Pierre Sarlin, incredible ridder to put the car on the track.

Despite no particpation to one race due to mechanical troubles, championship was won after wining and podium on the track of Nevers-Magny Cours, Pau-Arnos, Nîmes-Ledonon. 


Picture from april 2011 Magny-Cours race, first race for Vincent Sarlin... and first podium 

"I was discovering the norma M20F the saturday morning, first test after purchasing it. It appeared me so easy for me to drive after the last years with my corvette GT1, i entered the car for our first race the next day sunday. At the first second i had the feeling it was a fantastic car for racing."

Familly and gentleman driver spirit with winning spirit were indegrient for a pure year of hapinness.


The better way to perform on track with low cost running is to buy a norma M20F.

I decided to buy it because i knew it impossible to race and run regularly with our GT1.

It is finally the best investement i have never made, ratio pleasure / time-cost is just incredible.