Corvette C4 GT1 Tim Clark

Generation: C4
Year: 1986
Race Numbers: 12
Ownership: Tim Clark; JP Sarlin; V Sarlin
Sponsors: Tracey Performance; Tilton; Delco; Valvoline
Drivers: 1986 to 1996 - Tim Clark; 1997 to present - JP Sarlin / V Sarlin

Notes/Race History: Tim Clark raced the tubeframe car for 10 years in various Waterford Hills, SCCA Regional and National races including the 1995 SCCA National championship race at Mid-Ohio. In 1997 the car was sold to JP Sarlin.

Tim Clark behind the Corvette in his first colors, Red and Yellow, picture: Mike Odell, Road America , 1986 ?

Original Color: 1rst: Red-Yellow, 2d: Blue, 3rd: Red
Tires/Wheels: Jantes 16" x 12" Goodyear
Engine: 310, 331 and 355, depending on running weight

Modifications: This car was a home-built tubeframe car designed to meet the core of SCCA GT1 rules but almost all pieces are unique to the car. See basic driveline and suspension descriptions, below.

Picture from Mark Windecker, at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in 1987. Unfortunatelly the Tim's Corvette will not finish the race. Final qualifying position was 8 with 26 starters. 

Driveline: The car was built on a surface plate in Tim's shop. The frame was fabricated from large I-beams and 4x6 tubing. Design was derived from information about body and chassis layouts, provided by GM contacts. 5-speed Saenz trans from Argentina with dog clutches and changeable gears. Franklin IRS axles. Cadillac halfshafts and hubs. The rear suspension was Tim’s own design and fabrication using lessons learned from his first car. Shocks were by Delco since he had contacts there. Front suspension was also Tim’s own design and fabrication using lesson learned. Brakes were 13" Tiltons with GM power assist. Later changed to 2 master cylinders with remote reservoirs to avoid lockup at high speeds. The car was originally planned to use ABS but this was outlawed before the car was completed.

One plane can hide an other. Pictures taken in France to Orly airport at corvette concentration event in 2006. 

The Corvette is in his last colour, Red, after a full restoration of the car by JP Sarlin who wanted the tubeframe and body in red. The car is fresh as a new one. 

Racing history from 1986 1995 - Tim Clark

The Corvette completed 48 races with Tim Clark between 1986 and 1995, including 4 wins, 9 races finished 1rst or 2d, 16 races in the top 5, 32 races in the top ten, 6 pole positions.

24/05/1986 : Watterford race, finished 3rd, grid 6th

25/05/1986 : Watterford race, to be confirmed 

01/06/1986 : Nelson Ledges National, finished 3rd at 24th lap to be confirmed, 1rst at 16th lap

22/06/1986 : Road America June Sprints 86, finished 10 th 

13/07/1986 : Mid-Ohio Red Roof Inns Freedom national, finished 8th

20/07/1986 : Indy national, finished 2de, qualified 3rd 

31/08/1986 : Road America Milwaukee National, finished 6th

19/04/1987 : Indianapolis raceway park Indiana Northwest Region National Race, Do not finished, stop lap 8 exhaust pipe came out of collector 

03/05/1987 : Mid-Ohio Buckeye Sprints National Race, finished 9th, qualified 3rd

10/05/1987 : Grattan Raceway  May Day II national, finished 8th, qualified 2de 

17/05/1987 : Garrettsville Nelson Ledges Road Course, finished 4th, qualified 6th

14/06/1987 : Road America Chicago Region June Sprints, finished 12th

12/07/1987 : Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, do not finished, crash, qualified 8th

19/07/1987 : Indianapolis Raceway Park Indy Grand Prix, finished 8th, qualified 6th

20/09/1987 : Mid-Ohio Sporsts Car Course WOR Games, finished 2de 

27/09/1987 : Waterford Hills Road Racing, finished ?, qualified 3rd  

16/04/1988 : Indianapolis National Race, not finished, broke axle shaft at green flag, qualified 3rd 

01/05/1988 : Grattan Raceway Detroit Michigan - may Day III, finished 5th, qualified 6th

12/06/1988 : Road America Country Time Old-fashioned Shootout, finished ?, qualified 9th

17/07/1988 : Indianapolis Raceway Park Indy Grand Prix, finished 4th, qualified 3rd

31/07/1988 : Mid-Ohio Buckeye National Race, finished 8th, qualified 7th 

16/04/1989 : Indianapolis Raceway park Indiana Northwast Region SCCA - INR National, finished 4th, qualified 10th

04/06/1989 : Waterford Hills Road Course, finished 2de, qualified 2de

19/06/1989 : Indianapolis Raceway Park Escort Champagne Sprints, finished ?, qualified 2de

23/07/1989 : Indiana Northwest Regional Grattan, finished 2de, qualified 2de

03/09/1989 : Western Michigan Championship Regional Grattan, finished 13, crash in 15th lap, qualified 1rst

29/09/1991 : Indianapolis Raceway park 91 Top Dog Regional, finished 1rst, qualified 1rst 

06/10/1991 : Mid-Ohio Worgames, not entered the race, crashed in 2d qualifiing lap, qualified 24th

05/07/1992 : Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Freedom National, finished 21th, qualified 6th

12/07/1992 : Indianapolis raceway Park Indy Grand Prix, finished 8th, qualified 9th 

11/07/1993 : Indy Grand Prix Showcase National, finished 6th, qualified 1Oth

25/07/1993 : Mid-Ohio Buckeye Sprints National Race, finished 8th, qualified 10th

05/09/1993 : WMR Regional Champ Race Grattan, finished 1rst, qualified 1rst 

06/09/1993 : South Bend Region Regional Champ Race,  finished 18th, punted off on 1rst Lap by Nissan

06/04/1994 : Mid Ohio Ovr Cendiv Race of Champion Showcase National, finished 10th, qualified 10th

02/07/1994 : Mid Ohio Cincy regional, finished 1rst, qualified 2de

03/07/1994 : Mid Ohio Cincy Regional, finished 1rst, qualified 1rst 

03/08/1994 : Labor Day Dual Regional Grattan Western Michigan / South Bend, finished 19th, qualified 1rst  

04/09/1994 : South Bend Sprints Grattan, finished 1rst 

16/04/1995 : Indianapolis Raceway Park The Un-showcase National, finished 4th, qualified 7th

11/06/1995 : Mid Ohio Sports Car race Cendiv Race of Champions Showcase National, finished 7th, qualified 8th

09/07/1995 : Indianapolis Raceway Park Indy Grand Prix, finished 5th

30/07/1995 : Cat National Road America, finished 9th, fasted ever lap, 2:23:898 

13/08/1995 : The Michigan National 95 Grattan, finished 8th, qualified 7th

27/08/1995 : Mid-Ohio John Wheels Buckeye Sprints National Race, finished 10th 

15/10/1995 : Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, SCCA National Championship, Don't finished, qualified 16th, fasted ever lap 1:33:143