Corvette C5 GT1 Hoerr Racing

Generation: C5
Year: 2003
Race Numbers: 12
Ownership: Vincent Sarlin 
Sponsors: JPS Racing
Drivers: Vincent Sarlin

Chassis: Hoerr Racing Product

Completion: Jean-Pierre Sarlin

Picture: Classic Days, May 09

Original Color: Red

Engine: 310 and 355 ci, SB2 355ci Rocket Engine Development

Tires/Wheels: BBS 18" x 13"/14,5" Front/Rear Goodyear

Body: C5 Fiberglass

Picture: Piste Club Magny-Cours, Avril 2007, with our friend Pierre Monroy back on the picture

Driveline & components: The roller was built by HRP, model 2001, USA national champion design. The full car, chassis, suspension, interior, engine, fuell system, brake system were completed by JP Sarlin from 2001 to 2002. The car received the best of components including 5-speed Jerrico transmission, Brembo monoblock 8 pistons in Front 4 pistons in Rear, Quick change Frankland, Tilton 4 multi disc clutch, BRT Steering, Penske schocks in front, Afco for rear.

Picture: Club Europa, june 2008, circuit F1 Nevers Magny-Cours, the only picture of the day the more faster of my life with the C5 Corvette 

History: the corvette never raced, the car has been completed for free practice in track days. The cas was also completed for achieving the dream we got when discovering the chevy GT1 at race of Limerock Park in 1998, then Homelink Rocketsport Corvette GT1 driven by Paul Gentillozi in 2000. The project to own and drive such a dreaming racing corvette was in my head. My crasy father was ready to follow me in this incredible challenge and learning journey.

Picture: warmupphoto, august 2007, Dijon-Prenois, Club Europa

Picture: Classic Days 2010, to Formula 1 track of Nevers Magny-Cours

Comment: Classic Days is one infrequent event opened to the public where the Corvette C5 has been seen running.

In addition to private runs, the C5 GT1 made free runs in Club Europa to F1 Magny-Cours track in 2005, Corvette Euromeet 2005 July to F1 track Hockeineimring, Club Europa August 2007 to Dijon Prenois track, Club Europa June 2008 to F1 Magny-Cours track, Classic Days May 2009 to F1 Track Nevers-Magny-Cours, Classic Days May 2010 to F1 Track Nevers-Magny-Cours, Club Europa to F1 Magny-Cours track in 2009, Sport et Collection Ferrari contre le cancer in 2014 to track of Val de Vienne