Camaro GT1 Webster

Generation: Camaro
Year: 1997
Race Numbers: 95
Ownership: Charles Websters; Gene Tataryn / Charles Lenzini / Paul Propok; Vincent Sarlin  
Drivers: 1998 to 2001 - Charles Webster; 2002 to 2008 - Gene Tataryn; Vincent Sarlin

Palmares: The Camaro entered 36 races with Charles Webster in 4 years, holded 3 wins, 12 podiums, 19 top 5 finishes.

Picture from Mark Windecker, trans-am race of Mosport 2001. The race was won by Paul Gentillozzi and Charles Webster was the first canadian finishing 12th.


Colour: Original colour was yellow / purple. The car was received in black colour after beeing painted previoulsy in blue by the previous owner/driver Gene Tataryn.

Note/history: After previous owner dead in 2008, car were stored during 7 years before being sold in this shape, needing a full reconstruction by JPS Racing.

Picture of the camaro two weeks after her arrival in france in 2015, Jean-Pierre started to disassemble the camaro for the long period of restoration.

Made in JPS Racing, tube frame and body in Red Colour.  

Chassis: 1997 Creative Motorsports Chassis # 100667-032308.

CASC: Registered Vehicle # 98-021

Interior: Aluminiim sheet panel, painted black

Transmission: new transmission will be Jerrico 5 speeds

Engine: New SB2 Engine, 358ci, Rocket Engine Motorsport, mounted by JPS Racing

Comment / history: Previous engine was basically a NASCAR truck engine vintage 2006 / 2007 spec. SB2 block / heads (iron block / aluminum heads), aluminum single plane open manifold, steel rods, 12:1 compression, roller tappets, 390 carb. At the flywheel, with the 850 cfm carb, ~705hp @8100RPM , 510lb-ft @6700RPM.