Corvette 427 Kauffman Camel GT

Kauffman 427 Corvette : a piece of Camel GT history

Generation: C3 

Year: 1969, built for SCCA/Camel GT Endurance Racing in 1973/1974 by Harry Kauffman

Race Numbers: 15

Ownership: Harry Kauffman, Mike Sepe (from 1998), Vincent Sarlin (from 2017)

Sponsors: Kauffman Racing, San Leandro Datsun 

Drivers: Harry Kauffman, Randy Kauffman, Roger Kraus

History: run various SCCA and IMSA Camel GT endurance series from 1974 to 1980 


The first body Greenwood running on coast west

Body: Greenwood 

Original Color: White, Blue

Tires/Wheels: BBS wheels, tire size front – 280x625x15 Rear – 14.8x27x15 

Engine: 427 rebuilt as L88 Chevrolet, original 427 steel block, original L88 crank, original aluminum heads, 607 HP to 6000 rpm

Transmission: Original Munci 4 speed transmission with new Hurst shift linkage and steel bell housing


Kauffman Corvette racing with John Greenwood’s Riverside #75

Driveline: All suspension per IMSA rules is standard Corvette but strengthened in areas, Front suspension gold cad plated with 1 - 1/8 front sway bar, New Koni shock absorbers,New Wilwood (correct style) aluminum brake calipers, 6-piston front, 4 piston rear with new braded steel lines, New 22 gal. ATL fuel cell, duel fuel pumps, fuel filters and backflow valves 

History: run various SCCA and IMSA Camel GT endurance series and other events mostly on the West Coast at tracks such as Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Riverside Raceway


Some of the Race entries (not limited to this list)

12/05/1974, Camel GT Monterey Triple Crown, Laguna Seca 

19/05/1974, Camel GT Ontario 4 hours, Ontario Motor Speedway

30/06/1974, SCCA national championship, Laguna Seca Sprints

26-27/04/1075, SCCA Regional, Sears Point

04/05/1975, Camel GT Monterey Triple Crown, Laguna Seca Raceway, 100 miles Laguna Seca round 5

04/05/1975, Camel GT Monterey Triple Crown, Laguna Seca Raceway, 100 miles Laguna Seca round 6

10/05/1975, Camel GT Six hours of Riverside, Riverside Raceway

26/05/1975, Professional Championship Road Races, Sears Point

01/06/1975, SCCA Regional Road Races, Sears Point

26/07/1975, SCCA Regional Championship Road races, Sears Point

11/10/1975, Sports Racing Spectacular, Laguna Seca

15/11/1975, SCCA Regiona Championship Final, Sears Point

15/04/1976, IMSA, Laguna Seca

02/05/1976, Camel GT, Monterey Triple Crown, Laguna Seca 100 Miles

13/06/1976, Trans Am, Portland International Raceway


On the press book of Camel GT 1977

25/06/1976 & 26/06/1976, Laguna Seca Sprints, Laguna Seca

25/07/1976, Camel GT, Sears Point

07/08/1976 & 08/08/1976, Summer Sprints, Sears Point

30/09/1976 & 01/10/1976, Camel GT, Laguna Seca

03/10/1976, Camel GT, Shasta Monterey GP,

01/05/1977, Laguna Seca 100 Miles, Laguna Seca

04/05/1980, Laguna Seca 100 miles, Laguna Seca